Why Join TexMEP?

Being a member of a state association like TexMEP shows your commitment to support the home medical equipment (HME) industry and ultimately - your customers.  Your membership allows you to support the most resilient sector of the healthcare industry in this country. Considering all the government and state regulations imposed, and all the financial cuts made to this industry - we still manage to service, with care and compassion, some of this country’s most vulnerable citizens. Without your support this would not be possible. To that, you have the honor of counting yourself and your company as part of this elite sector of the healthcare industry!

Membership Benefits Include:
    • State News and Updates
    • Access to Member Resources - committees, additional member discount information, access to member forums, etc.
    • Access to TexMEP Member Directory and Contacts
    • Opportunity to join TexMEP committees and workgroups
    • Receive conference and virtual education discounts

TexMEP Offers 2 Types of Memberships:

Provider Membership

Providers include state, regional, or national home medical equipment supplier companies, whose primary focus is to provide equipment and services to patients in the comfort of their homes. 

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Associate Membership

Associate Members include manufacturers, support services and other business entities not otherwise qualified for a provider membership.  These members are those who work with provider companies in the HME industry.  There are four levels of Associate Membership: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum with various marketing and conference benefits. 

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Additional Member Benefits Through our Partners:

TexMEP Members are Eligible for Exclusive Discounts on HealthTrainU Services!


SBVR is offering a discount to TexMEP Members for their first year!


TexMEP Platinum Member

TexMEP Members Receive 15% Off First Year!

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