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Supporting Texas Home Medical Equipment Providers through Advocacy, Community, and Education

Who We Are

The Texas Medical Equipment Providers Association (TexMEP) is the non-profit, state association for providers of durable medical equipment (DME)/home medical equipment (HME) and supplies, respiratory and infusion therapy, complex rehabilitation technology, and more.  We advocate for providers of home medical equipment with a goal to ensure providers have adequate reimbursement and support to be able to continue providing quality products and services to their patients.  

Why join texmep?

At TexMEP, we understand that your success is our success.  

By becoming a TexMEP member, you're not just joining an association; you're investing in your professional growth, contributing to the industry's advancement, and positioning yourself for long-term success.  As a TexMEP member, you gain access to a multitude of resources and opportunities.


Gain access to industry-specific resources, including best practices, regulatory updates, reimbursement guidance, and more. 


Stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and expand your knowledge through educational programs. Receive exclusive discounts with TexMEP partners for products, services, and CEU credits.


Connect and collaborate with like-minded professionals who share your passion for enhancing patient care and driving innovation in the HME industry. Engage in networking events, roundtable discussions, and forums where you can share insights, seek advice, and build meaningful relationships.


Stand united with your fellow providers in advocating for policies and regulations supporting our industry. TexMEP actively engages with lawmakers to ensure that your voice is heard, and your interests are represented.  


Receive exclusive access to savings by TexMEP partners offering discounts for CEU credits and other products and services.

Learn More about membership and how you can be a voice for your company, patients, and the HME industry in Texas!

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Texas Medical Equipment Providers Association

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