Tennr, TexMEP Platinum Member, is offering TexMEP member providers a 15% discount off their first year!

Founded in the Stanford AI Lab, Tennr was created to automate the manual redundant tasks impacting healthcare. We provide an end to end automation platform to increase operational productivity and accuracy to enable your organization to scale rapidly without the need to hire additional staff.

Tennr ‘s Automated Workers take on the most tedious of tasks facing your staff:

1. Faxed PDFs and handwritten items create needless manual work, can be hard to read, spread across multiple faxes and slow your workers.

2. Manual workflows create potential for gaps in care, missed information and incomplete or incorrect data.

3. Incomplete information forces your staff to spend precious time tracking it down, verifying it, going back and forth with offices and vendors instead of spending time on your patients and their experience.

4. Doing data entry by hand leads to patient backlogs, data entry errors, and ultimately slow processes which cost the patient and you.

5. Inefficient process lead to lost revenue, poor patient experience and possibly outcomes and certainly referral leakage

6. Lost revenue and messy process means missed opportunity and an inability to analyze where it went wrong.

To learn more or request a demo, contact:


Matthew Forman

Vice President of Partnerships






Texas Medical Equipment Providers Association

PO Box 371140, El Paso, TX 79937-1140


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